(Part 1 of this tutorial)

So this is it—Nyreen’s head is done! Or at least as done as it’s going to get by PAX East. I’d like to do more to the hood but since I’m already in rush mode to get this done by the end of March that’s been moved to the “if time presents itself” pile.

This has been heat formed since the last post which is why it now holds its shape. After I did that I put some bondo on so I could carve the nose out and fix the lines on the nose and upper lip (you can see this in the picture where Ritzy is so kindly modeling the mask for me). The bondo also had the added benefit of hardening the front of the mask quite a bit. You can wet sand EVA foam if you use a sandpaper with a fine enough grit, so I sanded the bondo down until it was flush with the foam.

The next step was mod podge. LOTS of mod podge. I applied about 4-5 coats to the face and mandibles, and a single coat on the “fringe”/part that goes over the ears. I don’t have pictures, but I coated the fringe in plastidip. This 1) sealed the foam and 2) allowed those flaps to remain flexible so that the mask can bend a bit when you put it on/take it off. It worked beautifully. :)

Then it was just priming, spray painting a white base, acrylic paint for the red markings a clear coat, and then weathering.

The hood is a scuba hood made of lycra with an open face. I smeared some black eyeshadow all over my eyes for this pictures, but I’m going to have to work on that so that I don’t look like the Nightman under there. Also I need to order some yellow contacts.

Again, if anyone has questions or wants help doing something like this, let me know either here or on Twitter and I’d be glad to help. I sort of made this up as I went along, but the final product is very solid and I’m pretty happy with it. Now onto the feet and ARMOR! \o/

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